Anyone here aware of the new windows 10? Can I save the Windows 8.1 files on an external harddrive?

If you have windows 10, in the storage settings, you have the option to revert back to your old OS (mine being 8.1) within 1 month. After the windows 10 update, I have barely any space left and was wondering If any of you know whether Id be able to save those windows 8.1 OS files onto an external Hard drive. It currently is taking about 5gigs of space. I know I can wait until 1 month until they disappear, but it would be beneficial to save those files on a harddrive in case I wish to reset it back to 8.1 in the future. Anyone have any ideas?


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  • A month is TOO short a test period unless you are only a gamer & losing files is no biggie... it's another MS trap to get everyone on board their newest leaky boat, so more free hands to plug all the holes their software designers put out "green" = mo money for MS
    Testing costs money - why spent it when so many willing grunion buy anything thrown over the fence at them?
    Always wait for the debugging period to seemly end or taper off by reading Google posts about problems and seeing IF (rarely) they post a solution.

    • Umm... OK?

    • Just thought Id mention the older OS versions will only run until 2020. Either way you will have to upgrade

    • I understand but when forced out of XP thought it smarter to go with latest/greatest version to save upgrading time later (again) = 8.1-64 = nooooooooooooo = giant waste of time helping them fix their bugs, else being their guinea pig for lost spelunkers in control of my machine. Although bought ASUS (never again), Dell sales suggested win7 as more stable. They were correct, but since they lied once upon a time pre-XP about what would work, never again a Dell will be bought here.

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  • You can make a mirror on an external HDD before upgrading to Win 10. But you'll have to get the mirroring software yourself. (there's some in Win 7, I don't know about 8.1)

    • I made mirror of my Win7 on a partition of my HDD. I already used it after I got a virus smarter than Norton.
      I don't remember if I made it with Windows or with Dell software.

    • Acronis rules

    • Not only athletic but computer savvy too! :)

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