Why do I get jealous of all men, even the celebs?

Its like, when a girl says she finds a particular guy hot or he is the best looking guy in the world or sth, Its just a clear implication that the guy is better than me and I feel so insecure and have this competitive streak in me. I don't know why the fuck this happens. Damn, my mom said she loved tom cruise when she was young and now i hate him lol. How do i remove these feelings of malice and jealousy


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  • You need to get some confidence.

    • how would you feel good knowing that your boyfriend would be drooling on scarlett johannsen or if your brother implied she is prettier than u, just saying, the competitive streak is irritating

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  • Human tendency to compare what we have with what others have. This happens because you are not satisfied with what you have.
    Nxt time you feel like this, try admiring that person in your head.

    for eg;- your mom said she loved tom cruise , tell yourself "Ya , tom cruise is handsome, he got a toned jaw, gorgeous eyes, fit body" If you have problem doing this , say it out loud.
    What you have been doing till now is the same, you were admiring him in your head, but in a demeaning way to yourself. like " He got a more toned jaw than me, he has more beautiful eyes than me,. He is more handsome than me. "

    Once you get rid of this habit, you'll feel very light.

    • i tell myself "why should he have it and not me"

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  • there will always be someone better than you in the world, make the best with what you got and be proud of it. but if it helps you feel any better, im pretty damn sure everyone has felt that way at least once in their life. you just need to stride towards something to be proud of because there is no satisfaction in seeking the rewards of what you hate.

  • You just lack confidence.

    • don't u ever feel bad knowing indirectly that a girl would rather be with some hotshot than you?

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    • She still said it indirectly that some other guy in this world is better than me and I feel like a warrior in a battle with that mofer lol

    • I'm sure there's a lot of guys better than you. A lot guys better than those guys. A lot of girls better than this girl.
      Not like you didn't know anyway. what matters is only what the right girl thinks about you

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