School is just so hard... help?

Im a 20 year old college student entering grad school this fall (in a few weeks). My major is occupational therapy and this program is about 3 years to complete, plus the 3 years I already completed for undergrad. So in total it takes about 6 years to get my Master's degree in OT.
But this summer was the very fist summer I had to take specific OT courses. It a weekend format and This weekend is the last weekend until the next trimest begins in just a few weeks. Im taking Into to OT and Kinesiology in OT practice. Its been the hardest classes I've ever taken and Im constantly stressed out... Im an honor student with a 3.6 GPA. I thought I could handle this much work.. But it just so hard! I need some advice in what to do. 😔


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  • Just slow your role, I get that you wanna get on but slow down before you burn out.

    Just have some fun, be 20, and relax. Don't over-do it.

  • Drop classes and take it slower.


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