Why do some people here act like bullies/socially normal?

like they try and bully you into how to post, and say you cannot post x when they post x...

do they not have any friends? is it asperger's? are they lonely? will they come and beat me, though beating me may teach them good social discourse? lololololol...


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  • That's strange. I haven't seen that unless if you're talking about what I do.

    If someone is putting limitations on their questions, it may be because they want to see what people would answer for something in particular. I'm like that. But if you mean someone who says you can't post something when they do... that's weird...

    Some people are simply argumentative. I don't see myself that way but I do have a nasty habit of commenting on people's fucktarded answers due to the fact that I HAVE to say something.

    It could be a type of Asperger's but I wouldn't assume that so readily since you don't know.

    The friend situations could be that as well.


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  • Ever notice how the BULLIES on this site are the first to run and cry to admin playing the victim when they meet someone who won't be bullied?

    Question Detail: ... and gives them a taste of their own medicine?
    This a question I posted twenty minutes ago and the admin nazis took it off as a member post.

    • Your question and this one are both pointless. And why are you Anon? I sense trollmance in the air with you and OP. Congrats!

    • Im anon because of the bullying.

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  • Why do trolls make unreasonable posts? Why is the sky blue? Why are you bitter? Because it is what it is. Fyi trolls usually post anonymous or on their catfish acct Mr. 30-35.

  • i dont tell people how to post.. and what not to post..

  • Some people don't care about shit. They do it because they can. Curse them out, say what you want to them, realistically they'll never meet you in the flesh.

    • well it's evidenced by your poor social skills.

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    • Mine's right.

    • lololol..

  • Because online people can be mean and not have to take responsibility for it.

    • lololol... sorry, but i bet you're a social bully, hence your response here.

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