SOCCER/FOOTBALL FANS, Which premier league team are you supporting this season?

the long awaited premier league season is starting tomorrow so

who do you think will win the tittle? and
who will make top 4 positions?


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  • We need to give it 3-4 stages to see how the teams play. It's known that the first few stages don't even matter for the long run.
    Arsenal looked amazing in the SuperCup and they said they worked on their pressing and gaining ball control fast. They seemed like suffocating Chelsea, but that old man Wenger needs to be changed, no offence.
    Manchester are still re-building plus van Gaal doesn't seem to understand Premier League. Not sure they'd win it this year.
    Chelsea didn't seem that powerful in the pre-season, but Mourinho has his ways (though I hate that guy).
    Liverpool became a middle class team for the last few years. They have some great scouts but that's not enough. They should keep the promising players and bring others. The Glazers are not willing to invest and whenever one of their players shines, they sell him instantly. Liverpool needs an owner willing to invest instead of making money.

    • Agree with you, what about dont you think they will find it difficult to challenge for the title specially after selling dzeko and jovetic, also their defense looks like not good enough

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  • Chelsea F. C.

    • Lol they know how to park the bus :) , but they are very good side