Played or not ready? Does he genuinely care?

known this guy through a friend. Talked for awhile and he was hitting on me. He sent me flowers and was saying cute things and to come visit him in Florida soon and possibly it being a ldr or me being girlfriend.. Don't know if it was a joke. Well traveled with my friend to fl. He was moving in with this guy. Got there and he was nothing but amazing to me even though at first I was standoffish about everything. He still treated
me amazing and I held out with any sexual contact for a few days. We finally had sex and he continued to be amazing calling me babe and talking about future together etc. he was nothing but caring and loving etc. last day there I said I wasn't sure what this was between us since it has been great and he treated me like his girlfriend he said he didn't know either. I asked if he wanted to try something and he said he wasn't ready for anything yet. I know he was cheated on in the past and doesn't trust anyone. I told him he should trust me and he said he will try and it will take time. Does he genuinely like me and could he just be scared or did I get played? Also coming home I texted him 2 days and now Wednesday and Thursday he hasn't texted me. I figured he was busy and don't want to bother but just weird since before fl he was talking to me everyday. Could he be scared like I said to get hurt from me or what? My opinion is he likes me a lot and is afraid but I don't know what others think help!!

by the way I sent him like a thank you package. He just got it and called me and said he loved it and how amazing I am.


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  • you got played.