What makes cops want to be cops?

  • Power trip
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  • Serve and to protect
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  • Government benefits
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  • Racist and want to kill black people and get away with it
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Perks of being a Cop: Do something wrong. Go on a vacation (administrative leave) while the government pays your salary.
Want to get away with murder on Earth? Be a cop.

Videos of police brutality

1. www.latimes.com/.../...g-video-20150609-story.html

2. www.latimes.com/.../...an-suit-20150611-story.html

3. (Warning: Explicit) Samuel Dubose shot in the head in video: www.theguardian.com/.../samuel-dubose-officers-corrorborated-false-claim


Most Helpful Girl

  • Something A and B. But it's like in any other proffession when you feel that you have found something that you can do better than the average person

    • [Reads job description] Officer says, "Yeah, I can eat donuts, write people speeding tickets, carry a gun, and taser and shoot black people better than the average person."

    • Or maybe he doesn't know how to do something else. For example I wouldn't prefer to be one. I get scared easily and I know it[s not for me

    • Cops are okay as long as you are a righteous one. But, when you are in a position of power and are using it to intimidate and persecute others (black people), then police officers should not be tried differently than any other civilian or citizen when they 'involuntarily' terminate a fellow man by a headshot to the skull for a routine traffic stop for not having front plates on your car.
      *Ray Tensing

Most Helpful Guy

  • If the US situation is like the British they go in with the best intentions. Sure they tend to be more conservative people with traditional views and a strong moral compass (they know what they think is right or wrong and are comfortable enforcing that)... the problems come when the system then encorages an "us verses them" attitude, making all civilians the enemy. Or that the general moral compass simply moves away from their outdated views and they choose not to keep up with the times (as you see with a lot of sexism issues).
    And some is a self fullfilling prophecy: In the US a the police deal with more black people because the race is proportionally more likely to be seveerly poor, and because of this, proportionally more likely to be involved in gang culture. and because of this the cops begin to associate young plack people with gangs and thus assume they will be hostile. And young black people assume the cops will be unfairly violent towards them so they often get unfairly abussive back. And so the cycle builds. And the media jumping on one side of the other, just adds to the tension and makes agression become actual violence... or leads to cops ignoring things just to avoid being called racist. (At least that's the loop you see slowly building with muslim lads and the police in the UK)


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  • Option D hahahahah omg XDD

    I think serve and protect lol I have faith in humanity.


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  • Everyone goes in for different reasons, but I don't believe the force is loaded with men and women who were born and raised racists. I feel like the job may change some people, even if they joined for a good cause. It's important to not let yourself get sucked into it and turn into a person you're really not. People make big mistakes sometimes... I've had family members go in because it was a good paying job, but they also wanted to make a difference in the world (or their area, at least). They turned out fine after doing it for many years, but not everyone does.

    I've considered being a corrections officer (prison guard). The pay and benefits are good, and I'd finally be able to make a life for myself. I hope I can make a difference behind those walls, but I don't expect to perform miracles.

    • Being a prison guard sounds terrible.

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    • It would been appropriate for that officer in the video to choose the 'Power Trip' option.

    • I agree :D

  • Not all cops are the same. Some cops truly want to serve and protect like they are supposed to. But some cops are racist or are on a power trip for the most part.

  • I been thinking about becoming a cop and the real reason is so I can get rid of all the bad people in the area.

    • Will you also get rid of all the bad cops in your station if you choose to become a cop?

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    • No, cops have nothing but good to me. In fact, I offer cops 20% at my restaurant so they keep my community safe. I just watched Selma and how white cops and KKK members in the South murdered peaceful protesters who just wanted their right to vote.

    • That's was. Like 50 years ago I live in Cali so my experience is what diff. Then those back wooda places

  • I've checked out on all of the misplaced anger. Are those two more unworthy of protests and riots?

    • If MLK's March on Salem can't do anything, then no other riot will. The only way is to have a lot of money and control them.

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    • There are things that God hates. That includes: Shedding of innocent blood, a lying tongue, and a false witness. Ray Tensing is fucked.

    • Assuming that's a real thing, I'm betting quite a few of the "victims" over the past year will be greeting any newcomers.

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