Are skirts comfortable to wear?

I have a saying in this by the way... They are. & hopefully in the future no one will ever see me in dreaded pants

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  • Don't own any/never tried one
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I unfortunately expect a lot of blue bar on the 3rd option 😒 ps yes! I said I wear a skirt (scarves into cuz I don't own an actual one but I make did with what I got) & I see now what a lot of guys are missing out on.


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  • They're very comfortable.

  • Yes, they are. =w=

    If I wasn't so picky about them I'd probably wear more.

    • Like I already stated. If it were entirely up to me... I wouldn't be cought dead in any kind of pants. Screw what others think (negative thoughts)

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    • Well, that part I wouldn't understand. :p

    • Hopefully that's the case 😆

  • if you really hate pants why not try one of these? they are for males
    and youwill get weird looks with a skirt on (unless you live in sctoland)
    this is made for men anyways so its ok

    • What the!!! Ok I'll show u what I'm seeking & im proud to admit it

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    • usually when someone is THIS defensive about something it means deep down they think its wrong :)

      anyway, i was giving him something that would be a skirt-ish and won't get him negative attention at the same time

    • I'm defensive about it cuz people who says its wrong don't know what they're talking about (guy or girl)

      Ps I have an actual long soft black skirt now & I regret nothing

  • yes they are.


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  • Never dressed in a skirt but I have tried a kilt before... it's uhh... free and easy balls till you sit down... which then things get kinda... weird. and tangled up.

  • skirts are very comfortable 10/10 would recommend

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