Where was the last place you took a vacation trip?

Tomorrow morning, I leave for a vacation trip to Panama City Beach, Florida! I'm so excited! This is the first time I've had a "vacation" from work AND school since August, 2011, and that was becuase I was jobless and it was entirley unintentional. This is the first time I've taken a vacation trip out of my home state of Ohio, since the second week of August in 2010(exactly five years.) It's the first time I've been to a beach (on an ocean) since July, 2005 when I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and it's the first time I've been to Florida since July, 2003, when I had went to Panama City Beach, Florida. Needless to say, I rarely travel.
Where was the last place you took a vacation trip?

I forgot to mention: If you've never bee on a vacation trip, where would you WANT to visit?
@EmpatheticLady My vacation was great! Successful indeed.
@QuestionMan We had a good discussion. London, UK sounds fun too!


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  • Austraila was my last trip. Next week my parents want to go to Tobermory, Canada but i am trying to talk them out of it.

    • Out of every country, Australia is the one I want to visit the most. Which city in Australia was it?(I've never even heard of Tobermory lol.)

    • I went to Melbourne, Sydney, Cairrns, Ayers Rock and Kangaroo Island. If you go to Australia I STRONGLY recommend a trip to kangaroo island with a well respected tour guide. It was my favourite part of the entire trip.

    • I would LOVE to go to ANY city in Australia!

  • I went to Austin, TX last weekend. 😬

    • I heard Austin is the best city in Texas (I've never been to Texas.)

    • I've never been to any other city in Texas, except for using their airport, so I can't tell you an unbiased opinion.

      But a totally biased opinion - fuck yes it is.

    • From what I heard, it's the one city in Texas that does NOT fit the typical Texas stereotypes.

  • Miami Florida

    • How was that? Panama City Beach has a beautiful beach and I loved it.

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    • Yes, I heard southern Florida is even more miserable than northern Florida.

      Panama City Beach was about 95 degrees F. every day with roughly 75 percent humidity. I still loved it though!

    • Yeah southern Florida is where all the beaches are

  • Vail, Colorado (it's a few states away from me).


    The Gourmet on Gore festival is starting next month. There's a lot of great food, wine and beer. I haven't been on vacation in a few years, so that was the last one.

    I'd love to go to London, England. I'm saving up for that now actually.

    • Also, I hope you have fun in Florida! :) I've only been to Destin beach.

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    • Well it sounds like I need to visit Vail.

      European countries seem like they would be fun to visit but I want to go to Australia more than any other country.

      My next step is to finally visit California.

    • Yeah, Gourmet on Gore starts next month in Vail.


      I'm half European so I might be biased lol. I do have some friends from Sydney, and it looks cool. But they told me to check out New Zealand too if I ever go that far.

      I live in Cali now actually. It's nice for the most part.

  • my last was california.


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