Where was the last place you took a vacation trip?

Tomorrow morning, I leave for a vacation trip to Panama City Beach, Florida! I'm so excited! This is the first time I've had a "vacation" from work AND school since August, 2011, and that was becuase I was jobless and it was entirley unintentional. This is the first time I've taken a vacation trip out of my home state of Ohio, since the second week of August in 2010(exactly five years.) It's the first time I've been to a beach (on an ocean) since July, 2005 when I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and it's the first time I've been to Florida since July, 2003, when I had went to Panama City Beach, Florida. Needless to say, I rarely travel.
Where was the last place you took a vacation trip?

I forgot to mention: If you've never bee on a vacation trip, where would you WANT to visit?
@EmpatheticLady My vacation was great! Successful indeed.
@QuestionMan We had a good discussion. London, UK sounds fun too!


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  • They put a shit ton of condos along the strip in Panama City and they have been cracking down on drinking and the cops are on the lookout. Traffic is crazy during spring break. Have fun and be careful. Panama City is my hometown. Family still lives there. Last vacation I took was April of last year. I went West palm, FL to visit friends. Used to live there too.

  • Austraila was my last trip. Next week my parents want to go to Tobermory, Canada but i am trying to talk them out of it.

    • Out of every country, Australia is the one I want to visit the most. Which city in Australia was it?(I've never even heard of Tobermory lol.)

    • I went to Melbourne, Sydney, Cairrns, Ayers Rock and Kangaroo Island. If you go to Australia I STRONGLY recommend a trip to kangaroo island with a well respected tour guide. It was my favourite part of the entire trip.

    • I would LOVE to go to ANY city in Australia!

  • I went to Austin, TX last weekend. 😬

    • I heard Austin is the best city in Texas (I've never been to Texas.)

    • I've never been to any other city in Texas, except for using their airport, so I can't tell you an unbiased opinion.

      But a totally biased opinion - fuck yes it is.

    • From what I heard, it's the one city in Texas that does NOT fit the typical Texas stereotypes.

  • Miami Florida

    • How was that? Panama City Beach has a beautiful beach and I loved it.

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    • Yes, I heard southern Florida is even more miserable than northern Florida.

      Panama City Beach was about 95 degrees F. every day with roughly 75 percent humidity. I still loved it though!

    • Yeah southern Florida is where all the beaches are

  • Vail, Colorado (it's a few states away from me).


    The Gourmet on Gore festival is starting next month. There's a lot of great food, wine and beer. I haven't been on vacation in a few years, so that was the last one.

    I'd love to go to London, England. I'm saving up for that now actually.

    • Also, I hope you have fun in Florida! :) I've only been to Destin beach.

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    • Well it sounds like I need to visit Vail.

      European countries seem like they would be fun to visit but I want to go to Australia more than any other country.

      My next step is to finally visit California.

    • Yeah, Gourmet on Gore starts next month in Vail.


      I'm half European so I might be biased lol. I do have some friends from Sydney, and it looks cool. But they told me to check out New Zealand too if I ever go that far.

      I live in Cali now actually. It's nice for the most part.

  • my last was california.


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