Girls, Ear piercing removal for first time?

So 6 weeks ago I got my ears pierced and today I decided to take them out. Once they were out I cleaned them then just put a random stud in and it went in perfectly, I then took it out cleaned the earrings I've had in and went to put them back in but it wouldn't go through the back so I had to push through the skin. I then felt that there was a knot which I don't if that's normal or what. What should I do about this and is this normal? I used the ear car solution up until I ran out now I use salt water. Do I keep the earrings in longer?


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  • Sounds like what happened was that the stud you put in temporarily was a smaller gauge than the ones you were pierced with. Since it's such a new piercing, it will shrink very fast. When you tried to replace the original earrings, the fistula was slightly too small.

    As for the 'knot'... Is it a bump, maybe behind your ear, on the piercing? That's usually scar tissue, something called hypertrophic scarring. It's pretty common with piercings. It could also be a small cyst. They're also pretty common.

    Salt water is even better than an ear care spray. You'll want 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon of non-iodised sea salt, in a cup of clean, warm water, preferably boiled.

    Just out of curiosity, where did you get your piercing? And with a gun, or a needle?

    • I went to Claire's and got them done with a gun. The bump is slightly small doesn't hurt at all, it's just sore. I've been using the salt water for about 2 weeks now.

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    • Okay sorry to keep bothering you but last question do I need to leave the earrings in there even with the knot?

    • It's no problem at all.

      Yes, leave your earrings in. They may say that your piercing heals in 6 weeks, but that's no entirely true. Even a lobe piercings will take at least 2-3 months to fully heal. Taking out the stud frequently will cause more scar tissue to form, and make it more likely that bacteria will find it's way in and start and infection.

      With your saline solution, soak a cotton ball in t, and hold it to the piercing for a few minutes. This let's the solution work its way through. Try to avoid turning the stud, it only tears healing tissue.

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  • Where did you get your ear pierced? If it's cartilage, it can take up to a year to heal. If it's the lobe, it needs about 3 months. You should never, ever take out your piercing unless it's fully healed. You should not replace it with another piercing either. Unhealed piercings can close within a few minutes. To clean it, you merely have to gently rub anti-bacterial soap onto the jewelry and then rinse it. Do not take the piercing out, you do not need to clean the wound with soap, just the jewelry.

    The knot you describe can form if something damages the wound. That formed because you took your piercing out and shoved another one in. The end of the piercing damaged the wound. Just keep gently taking care of it and it should go away on its own.

  • You're not sposed to take them out in till 6 months after you have the pierced or the skin will grow back together.

    • No it's 6 weeks

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    • When you get them pierced you have to leave the earrings in for 6 weeks after that you can take them out and replace them with a post stud earring but a stud has to be kept in the ear for 6 months, so they don't grow up

    • Oh okay. Learn somthing new everyday. 😆

  • You need to keep your ear rings in. I got my ears pierced when I was 6 months old.

    • When should I take them out, to replace them with different studs?

    • I kept my ear rings in every day and never took them out. I just recently started changing them about 3 years ago.

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