What is your personal interpretation/definition of a weirdo?

Is it based on a look or how they behave... or both?

And do you veiw being a weirdo as a bad thing or a good thing?

Just curious... also post a pic or pics of an example (even though the photo I posted is just some random picture of a girl wearing a shirt that says weirdo I don't consider her one... she looks rather normal)
What is your personal interpretation/definition of a weirdo?

  • For me it's based on a look...
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  • Their behavior...
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  • Their vibe...
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  • All of the above.
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  • Whatever it is I don't like it and it creeps me out.
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  • Whatever it is I find it interesting...
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  • I'm a weirdo... do you want to fight about it?
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  • :O
    I'm the only weirdo who admitted to being a weirdo in your poll?
    :O :O :O :O :O :O :o


    i zonno... guess it depends on the context.
    someone may be acting weird at a certain time cos that's not what you expect of them, but the very same thing at another time may not be so weird.
    so... i guess weirdness arises from unfamiliarity? like... people don't know i can get hyper all of a sudden and act kiddish. i only reveal that side to those who are closer to me. so when someone sees me that way for the first time they give me this real strange look, and it casts an impression on them that i'm weird.
    like... once i'd joined a theatre workshop and I was pretty quiet all through, but would occasionally comment on others and give feedback. that created an impression of me. when my turn to perform a solo piece came, i was LOUD and screaming almost. everyone was surprised. and this one girl was SO taken aback that she told me she never expected me to be like that, and that made her think that she could never trust me. i found that interesting. it's like a threat judgement.

    so weirdness... i guess it's a kind of quirkiness that you're not accustomed to. and depending on the circumstance, it may be interesting or creepy. interesting cos you become curious about them. creepy cos you don't expect it and don't wanna/ can't deal with their eccentricity.



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  • People who have no concept of social norms


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  • If they collect dead animals, they freak me out. But if they like different music from what's mainstream nowadays, dress differently (they don't have to be a hipster) or have different interests (something unpopular) then I'll try to get to know them.

  • Their vibe and their interests and just them


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