Would you show me how to become G@G famous?

Lighten up, it's just a joke! :P


Or not... (if you know what I'm talking about)

I really hope nobody is taking me seriously because this is just a joke... lol


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  • Disclaimer: If you feel like I'm referring to you, please don't take offense to it. I am just joking. This whole opinion is a joke. Chilllll 😁

    HOW TO GET GAG FAMOUS (... or at least notorious)
    1. Say in every one of your opinions "fam"
    2. Post pictures of dudes grabbing girls' butts and mention the same person like "I need to hear your opinion Genie23"
    3. Never go anon.
    4. Get exposed as a catfish and subsequently rage at anyone who calls you one. Works best if you get to at least xper 5 and post a pic that isn't google image traceable.
    5. Use really bad grammar and constantly flirt with all the "smexy gurls"
    6. Post a ton of how do I look questions about yourself "Why am I so attractive?" "Is 8 inches enough?" "Do girls like nipple piercings?" Post each question at least 3 times. Start each question description with "I know I am super attractive -- everyone tells me, but..."
    7. Literally do nothing but GAG. Within a month, get to Guru level. If I don't see you on every question with an opinion by the time MHO is picked, you aren't trying hard enough.
    8. Leech off of other people's famousness. Become friends with all the masters and flirt. Get in the inner circle xD
    9. Follow EVERY person you see... Especially of the opposite gender.
    10. Write a bunch of really controversial myTakes (myTakes hardly ever get removed) that would fit more on "Return of Kings." Write about no-means-yes mentalities and generalize as much as you possibly can on feminism and how physical attraction is what matters. These will get you popular in no time 👍
    11. Post a cool gif at the end of each of your opinions that is like a signature.
    12. Generalize... Everything. If there isn't a downvote on your opinion, you aren't trying hard enough. However, don't be so rude that your stuff will be removed. Make it only slightly rude where they can't remove it but they can hate it instead.
    13. When people write really long comments, totally ignore the issue itself and just insult the person. Oh, and if they seem like they are winning, post one more insulting post/comment about them, then block them after.

    If you do all these or at least some of them, you'll become super famous for erm... Something 👌


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  • "Would you show me how to become G@G famous?" Naw I'd rather show you how to pimp a hoe while being wronger than 2 left shoes but you won't know LOL #SugaFreeRemix i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif

    In all seriousness though, why do you even wanna be famous on here? I don't see the point LOL

  • Trust me, you don't want to be popular on GAG. All you'll be left with is a deep sense of self-loathing.

  • You gotta be klaatu missnowhere or genie23

  • I don't know and pls dont listen to that anon guy.. nobody can use my trade mark word "fam".. its mine.. yh fam?

  • Just be an SJW (social justice warrior)

    • Sounds cool. I should have a lot of friends in about two months!

  • Here is mines.

    -Create a massive party for G. A. G. Members.
    -Invite as many G. A. G. Members as possible.
    -Make it the coolest party ever.
    -You will be popular forever.

    The end. :).

  • Post a lot. Post opinions people like. Be charismatic.

  • Bribe one of the admins.

  • if you were a girl. You want to be a popular expose your body. if your boobs is big, the effect is good or slim. Welcome to famous

  • come up with a fantastic catch phrase like "ya get me fam?" and use it on every post. Famous in no time

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