Can a cellphone explode if it is over charged?

Not unplugging it even when it is fully charged.


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  • It can happen. You can also get hit by a car. There are a zillion other things that are potentially dangerous. But I don't think the danger of an exploding battery is enough to worry about it. Don't intentionally over charge batteries or use damaged batteries, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

    If the risk was high enough to pose a real danger, something would be done about it. Also, if you've heard about it happening, it's not like some bomb exploding. It can spark or smoke, or even rapidly catch fire, but calling it an explosion is being a little over dramatic.

    Just about anything electronic can catch fire. Most electronics have small things inside that can ( and do ) sometimes "pop" and give off a nasty smell. The risk of something bad happening just isn't high enough to worry about.

    • Thank you.

      I just got scared because the kid died.

    • I haven't heard of anyone dying from it, but if they did it was probably some very unusually circumstance. Just remember that thousands of people die in car wrecks also. People drown in the bathtub. People get killed falling down stairs. There are all kind of freak things that happen, but you can't be paranoid of living. Just use common sense, and take reasonable safety precautions.

    • Okay, thank you. :)

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  • It's possible but ridiculously unlikely. And it probably wouldn't be because of charging, phone batteries just spontaneously combust some times.

    • Oh, that's scary.

    • It's super rare though.

    • My mom just told me about a kid who died because of that.

      I am glad it's rare anyway. :)

  • Lithium batteries are made to not do that.

  • I believe batteries in cell phone can become overheated and may cause
    a explosion


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