I have a philosophical question. Imagine someone single handedly saved the world, but later murdered someone. Would they deserve to go to prison?

Imagine some saved the world by single handedly getting on a space shuttle going into space and blowing up an astroid before it destroys all life on earth. The reason why they are the only one is because they are the only one with the technical knowhow and ability to do it, and the ship was too small for anyone else. (I know how far fetched that is but but suspend your disbelief.) Imagine that person is seen as a hero all over the world.
Now imagine this guy murders someone for no good reason. Lets say this person did not like someone so he killed them. Then imagine there is a trial to decide if this person who saves the world should go to prison.
Do you think that if something crazy like this happened the person should get special treatment because they saved the world, or should they go to prison like anyone else?
I know this is a weird question but I read this in a philosophical ethics book and though this would be an interesting question to ask.

  • If that happened the person should be given special treatment and not go to jail.
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  • If that happened the person should still go to prison.
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  • Even if someone saved billions of peoples lives, it's still morally wrong to murder someone.


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  • Anyone who has killed for no good reason is a danger to society. Lock him up for life.


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  • If he is psycho enough to kill someone just because he didn't like them then he should definitely go to prison. You can change over time into a bad person even if you've done good things.


What Guys Said 2

  • If he did it for no reason, or for a fucked up reason, then yeah he still deserves to go to prison.

  • They'd get a presidential pardon. especially if george bush was president.