Which PUA site should I sign up with?

I'm ready to spend some money and buy a subscription to a PUA website but I don't know which one.

Any recomendations?


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  • Real Social Dynamics. It's actually free to sign up but you could invest in their hot seats and bootcamps. They also pump out a LOT of free content.

    • Free? How did you know I'm not actually Indian and a Jew in disguise! Done and done. Thanks.

  • You can download most that stuff on tor****. Why pay?

    • tor**** Tor rent

    • I'd be lying if I said I read all the free ebooks I've pirated. I find that they're not exactly structured. I'd pay money for a more regimented program. Also feedback from established PUA's would probably be worth it too.

    • A lot of that stuff is really similar man. I found just going to clubs drinking, talking to girls improved my confidence and my game a lot. Basically its only so much you can learn in those "hands off " situations. Its kind of one of these things you get better the more you do. Also certain things will fit your style and come of more genuine than others

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