Turkish gags this is for you?

Merhaba , im big fan of turkey really and i like the secular turkey so much and i will move to it after some months so my question to turkish gag
is any problem there with racism?
i know every place have good and bad people but turkish dudes what do you think of egyptians open minded girls?
i really love this country but my fear is im afraid if there any kind of racism or any bad treatment especialy i will live alone and im 22 :) thanks guys


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  • Merhabalar :))
    I am a Turk. I use Turkish Gag and here for months :) I am an English teacher here so i love to read and sometimes comment posts on Gag to practice my language ;)
    I don't think people are racist in Turkish Gag, honestly; i don't see any difference here and there ;) Just because of the social differences some sexual questions may be deleted in Turkish Gag faster/more often comparison to here :) If you have any questions I can try to reply my friend...

    • i know every place have good and bad people but turkish dudes what do you think of egyptians open minded girls?

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    • Aww thank you ^_^

    • I am a turkish and I will stay in turkey for a short while. But I say to you that there is no racism, even if the politician is loved, but there is a hostility towards the Kurds, but they are right, they attack our houses and take out war.

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  • Turkey can be classified as one of the most racist countries on Earth. but maybe one of the least racist countries to individuals. We have a different understanding for racism. People can say anything about other races and it's ok, untill people aiming a person and trying to offend him/her, and that is very rare here.

    Turkish people generally dislike other middle eastern, but it's because many middle easterns are far from being reasonable, and pretty much infecting Turkey with their religious fanaticsm. You definetly won't have any trouble with racism, people may talk shit about arabs but they won't aim you.

    • im secular person and im not relguios
      i respect everybody and every one is free in his life
      i dont treat people bad and i dont talk about relgions. im normal and im not closed minded

  • U r that anon , anyway turks aren't rascit and it's a cool country u will like it there

    • thanks

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    • i like turkey more because its the only country in the west which have no hate for muslims and im from muslim family
      and we have so many similarties with turkey ( the life style and words )
      and its so beautful country

    • But Malaysia and gorgeia got no hate for Muslims they r very cool people and gorgeia is cheap too for Egyptians I've been there and it's a cold country so it's cool

  • Merhaba :)
    I am a Turkish guy. And you know I dont be a guarantor for my people. As you said there are good and bad persons here. But you know we are in the middle east and there are a lot of crimes. I dont suggest you to live in Turkey.


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  • As a Turkish, i can assure that you will enjoy your life in Turkey