What are your biggest pet peeves?


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  • I can't stand when someone has no manners.

    Example: You hold the door open for someone.
    ::They walk through without saying anything::

    Example: Someone asks you for directions.
    You give them the way.
    ::They walk away without every saying anything::

    Example: You greet someone.
    They don't answer you back.

    I can't stand when someone has no basic manners.
    Maybe this bothers me more than it should.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Smokers littering their dirty and disgusting cigarette butts on the foot path, road, in the gutter, out their car window, in the sand at the beach and any other place! It is so rude and selfish and very disgusting!!! Why should us non smokers be forced to put up with your nasty mess! Also when you consider fish and birds eat them and die, nasty chemicals are leached out of the butts into the water ways, the butts take up to 15 years to biodegrade and the filter only breaks down into a powder but never biodegrades it is so nasty. When you consider around 4.6 trillion butts are littered each year it really is gross and a problem. I get fed up and so sick of smokers pathetic cop outs of their being no cigarette bins!!! No that is not an excuse for you being lazy and selfish. You can buy a small portable ash tray that locks in the butt and all the smells to I think and it is small enough to go in a pocket or bag and you can use your car ash tray, if your car does not have one buy one! They are not very expensive! Stop being rude, lazy and selfish!!!

    2. Rude, sexist and racist people.

    3. People who think the world revolves around them.

    4. People who start texting while you are talking to them and look at their phone and not you.


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  • I'll give five:

    1) Walk slowly in front of me and I feel like throwing you aside
    2) Average people, like you and me, who say that they are fat.. Around actual fat people
    3) Blow driers that don't work
    4) People not saying thank you when the waiter serves us food and drinks
    5) People beating around bush

  • when people are rude to others. even with a reason. or when people ask dumb questions lol


What Guys Said 2

  • Ugly sounding languages.
    Living in a multi-cultural environment has made me aware that how while some languages sound like the gospel of angels like French , Russian , Italian and Japanese , some can sound absolutely ghastly which I probably should not name.

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