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Didn't know where else to ask so thought id try here...
One of my molars has a filling in it and since it was filed it was always very sensitive to cold (couldn't even eat on that side of my mouth). Well last night i all of a sudden started experiencing extreme pain near that tooth. The pain radiates to my jaw and ear. Im still in mild pain right now (mainly in underside of jaw and ear) but noticed that the tooth in question is no longer sensitive to cold. So my question is what the hell is going on?


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  • Rough guess is that you've got a problem with the root. Abscess or infection putting pressure on the part of the root that causes pain in that area. Best bet? Get yourself to a dentist - quickly. You don't want that infection (if there is one) to spread into the rest of your body.


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  • Seems like a root canal is needed.

  • You may have tinnitus. To ease the pain you can massage the area with a plastic water bottle filled warm water.


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