Why does this look different?

So bit of a weird one here, if I look in a mirror I look pretty good tone wise from my training but when I look down for instance I don't seem to look the same? What's up with this?


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  • then angle is different. perfectly normal :) try pics, thast a good way to see what other people see.

    • The mirror and windows should be pretty accurate tho right?

    • yea, but lighting can make a big difference too.

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  • The angle

    Also the mirror itself has something to do with it

    • Can u expand on that? How accurate is the mirror then? It's dot to be pretty accurate still right?

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    • Yeah.. Well pretty accurate.

      Its okay to be vein especially if you've worked for it.

      I'm guessing you're a muscular dude right?

      Muscle is a fu**er

      Feeling small.. The bigger you get.. The smaller you feel.

      Just try not to compare yourself to other people (it will still affect you because we to it subconsiously)

      Wear tight ass tops or get a huge pump everyday

      But congrats man!

    • I dropped myself from over 100kg two years ago, I'm 185 pounds now so 85 ish kg. abs coming through and all, veins popping out and all that. Yea def gonna buy some tight shirts haha

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  • It has to do with angle.
    When you look down, you see more than you do looking straight in the mirrior.
    The lighting and shadows make a difference to on what you see.

    • Is the mirror accurate then? It looks similar if I look in mirrors and windows. Not that I do that a lot lmao but everybody looks sometimes no?

    • Mirrors are accurate, it just looks different when your looking down.