Are there any charity groups you can work for, for free?

So, I'm like 1/2 through my carpentry course at college, and once i finish i'd very much like to spend a year or so just going round poorer nations and what not doing volunteer construction (Building homes, hospitals and schools etc.).

And I've been looking into it, and the only things i can find, i actually have to pay to volunteer, which. i mean, i understand its charity work. But, considering here carpenters can make £15+ per hour on a decent day. ($23.24), Surely would a charity not be willing to accept one offering to work for free? Rather then me actually having to pay to work.

Id be happy working for free (Obviously they provide food and water and stuff), But, the thought of having to pay my own money (Which i wouldn't be earning) to do it sucks

So yeah, Anyone know any charities that take people on, and they dont have to pay, and they go to forgein countries and help?


  • Yes, There are charities who would take you on without you having to pay
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  • No, If you want to work for a charity you need to pay with your own money.
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  • Would something like this be an option?

    Even if they're not exact, contacting them might put you on the right path.

    • Sadly they have no options for construction volunteers (Not that i can find anyway). :(

      But thank you none the less.

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    • Eh, I live on a tiny island (Isle Of Man), So we don't really have such massive resources like you do in the US.

      Thank you for your help anyway matey.

    • Well that's a bummer :/

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  • yes world wind all of them would if not most/

    • Do you know any in particular mate? Cheers.

    • oxfam, unicef i'm sure they're lots more have you googled it

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  • Habitat for humanity?


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