Why do girls tend to be more "bitchy", where as men are usually upfront with each other?

I see questions about girls being betrayed by their girlfriends all the time. They'll have a minor falling out, and one girl will bitch and spread shit to all her other girlfriends etc. etc. this snowballs, and before you know it they're all bitching about each other. even the ones who werent originally involved.

You rarely get this with guys. Speaking from experience, whenever I have fallen out with my mates, we'll tell each other straight - you were being a dick. we may even have a little scuffle, but the next day we're fine. To be honest, in most cases we're fine within an hour and continue as normal.

I've lost track of the times me and my mates have had physical fights. never anything serious mind, but just enough to get the anger out.

I have a feeling that men subconciously have a hierarchy, and these little fights are enough to settle any problems and actually help us to bond. We all laugh about the time me and my best mate had a fight because i was being a dick and bullying him nonstop lol. He had a black eye, and my lip was busted open, not from punching but from wrestling like idiots :p

Again, these fights are rarely serious but they release pent up anger and energy. im guessing its the testosterone. but what makes women WANT to bitch, rather than just tell your friend whats wrong?

Disclaimer: i know not all women are like this, but bitching amongst women is so much more common.


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  • Tbh I don't recall this ever happening to me or my best friends but I don't know maybe it's because girls who do pull that shit subconsciously crave drama.

    • possibly. I dont think i'll ever understand women :p

    • Although, I did know a guy who would try and get himself involved in other people's business and tell other people about it creating a shitstorm of drama so it really depends on the individual. The human race is something I'll never understand, people are fucked.

    • thats very true, i know some men can be bitchy as well, just seems to be more common amongst women

  • I'm not a bitch. Sorry to disappoint.

    • i did say not all girls are like this, but you have to agree its more common for women to be bitchy.

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  • girls are sluts by nature

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