Please help me how can I get my drafts? What should I do?

My Tab's screen is cracked but tab is working but I'm not able to use my tab because the screen is broken but there's some very important drafts saved in my tab and I need those drafts and I'm afraid that if I will give my tab to be fixed then my drafts will be lost. Please tell me what can I do to get my drafts then I will give my tab to be fixed. Please help me. I'm so worried. Please tell me what should I do? Thank you so much.


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  • Connect it via usb to your/a pc, then copy all the files into a map.

    Get it fixed and then put the files back on.

    • I don't have PC. Can I copy in pen drive via PC?

    • You can take it to the store and they will make a back-up.
      Same story as phones.

    • Will my drafts be saved in their pc?

What Girls Said 1

  • take it to get fixed.

    • Will I get my drafts lost?

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