Is this too much?

When comforting your GFs best friend, is putting your arm around her and pulling her close and rubbing her arm with your arm that is aroun dyer a bit too much.

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  • as the girlfriend and best friend, i would think i would trust my boyfriend to not be flirting with my best friend, just as i would trust my best friend to not be flirting with my boyfriend. it's all about trust, and if you trust neither, why are they carrying the titles of 'boyfriend' and 'best friend'? if anything, i want my friends and boyfriend to be somewhat close in a platonic way. and if i can't be there to comfort my best friend in a situation when needed, and my boyfriend can, i would hope he would be there for her. as a friend, obviously.


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  • I wouldn't b cool wit it... Not if I was the girlfriend or the friend.

  • No it's okay.