The Nuclear Deterrent - Did it work?

Thanks to a conversation with @hellionthesage which led me on the path to this question

The Nuclear Deterrent - Did it work?
After World War 2 the Cold War ensued and a stalemate developed because of the "Nuclear Deterrent" or "M. A. D Mutually Assured Destruction".
Did nuclear weapons create peace or were they a threat to humankind?
Even Robert Oppenheimer (the father of the atomic bomb) campaigned against nuclear weapons after WW2 perhaps reflecting on the words attributed to him during the Trinity Atomic Test in July 1945.

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  • sometimes i wonder what would the world happen if people like these were never born...

    • It would be interesting to think about

    • MHO? really?

      haha THANKS !!

      but yea i actually think about this a lot
      bad events/ppl.. i always wonder what the world would be like if they were never born lol

    • who knows ours is a chaotic existance

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  • If you remember the movie Dr Stangelove, almost everything in it was true :**

    • They scared themselves (and the others!) so much that nobody did dare to do it.
      If the USA hadn't had the nuclear bomb , the USSR might have got over it's Yalta frontier.
      If the USSR hadn't had the nuclear bomb too, the USA would have attacked central Europe, the way they intervened in Greece.

      I really feared that things would get out of hand during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. It played out on television worldwide and was the closest the Cold War came to escalating into a full-scale nuclear war.

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    • @Intraluminal
      Thus in the US too they went bat crazy during that period..
      Then you can safely bet that East block kids got the same treatment.

    • I remember studying aerial photos of the supposed Russian missiles shelters in Cuba.

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  • madness i think.


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  • In my opinion, MAD is the only reason we haven't experienced another World War.

    For example, In 1950, When the korean war sparked up, And a US led coalition led the south koreans to almost complete victory over the north Koreans, and so Russia/China poured tanks and jets into North korea to help them out, And the only thing stopping the US as taking this as an act of war, Was the fact of knowing if they did, It would end the Human race.

    Then lets skip forward to 1961, In Berlin, At ''Checkpoint Charlie'', The Russians demanded the US withdraw from West Berlin (At this point in time, Berlin was literally split in 50/50 between the Allies and Russia, And even after all that time, The border is still visible today in the different lighting used by the two nations)

    Anyway, Going off topic there, In this situation, The US moved their tanks up to ''Checkpoint Charlie'', In response the Russians did the same, eventually this led to an entire armoured platoon of each nation aiming at each other from across the street, And was very quickly being taken as an act of war by both leaders.
    What stopped them from firing and causing WW3? MAD.,_Berlin_1961.jpg

    The same could be applied to every single issue in mankind since then. I mean, In the Falklands war, Where Argentina stormed the British Islands, Britian was very seriously considering a nuclear strike against Argentina, but realised this was a bad idea as they could be nuked back, So thus the British had to mount a costly invasion to retake the islands on foot

    So yeah, M. A. D is a nessecary evil. The insidious consequences of nuclear war, so high, that is simply scares leaders from making such massive acts of war.

    If Nukes existed before WW2, Then WW2 never would have happened, Would have Germany attacked Russia, If it new Russia would just instantly nuke it back? Ofcourse not. And in that act alone, a good 30,000,000 lives would have been saved, simply by the existance of nukes.

    Nukes are so bad they are good. They enforce peace.

  • The nuclear deterrent isn't a "necessary evil". It's beautiful. It's responsible for the end of constant warfare between world powers. No nuclear powers are going to fight against one another. And, through this deterrent, the world has seen unprecendented peace.

  • Glad I could inspire you to think about this. I would say as we have witnessed nuclear weapons have not in any way detered war, only the use of said deterent. Moreover it has caused considerable fear since in order for it to function as a deterrent you would need a clear rationale mindset, rarely does war or conflict instill these traits. So while some can and will use them as deterrents, the fact is all it takes is one person who either does not believe there will be retaliation or does not care to set off a chain reaction that would inevitable cause catastrophic damage, to both the participating countries and the rest of the world.

    • That is the scary crux of the matter

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    • And the effects of Agent Orange -while not nuclear- are still showing up where it was used.
      Agent Orange backfired on our own troops
      So does depleted uranium. Both in a lesser measure than the babies in the countries that were invaded.

    • @jacquesvol Yes I am also aware of that. Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons are all far more likely to have collateral damage then any other type of conventional weaponry.(we also have problems with land mines since they are never mapped where they are and are never removed).

  • Made powers of the politics to shit bricks to do shit to one another. So they got scared.. Yes it did work and it still is working and led to the longest 'peace time' in humanity. Will this peace ever be broken? I think so but not known when.

    • I think the fear is now who develops nuclear weapons or the unthinkable terrorists get one.

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    • And even without using an floating wreck and a missile, only a well guarded island can maybe stop a truck smuggling one in and letting it go WHAM in a big city.

    • @Krushhbrownies @hellionthesage
      France, Israel, Iran, India, N Korea and China started making their own nuclear bombs without our permission. The United Kingdom tested its first nuclear weapons in Australia during the 1950s. France did so too.
      Then in 1990 Gorbatshov didn't succeed in keeping the Russian republics together.
      It's possible that Moscow knows how many nuclear bombs are unaccounted for. But can we trust their administrative circuit? I don't think so. The idea of one being sold by some base commander cannot be excluded.

      Remember, a nuclear bomb does NOT need an ICBM or a B-52 or a B-2 to arrive in the US or in Europe.
      Any old Liberty ship or similar can transport a few in a container and from any seaport a truck is enough to bring it in your street.
      That way the Mutual Assured Destruction theory is void since 1990.
      But nothing happened... yet. It may happen tomorrow.

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