What's your MBTI personality type?

What's your MBTI personality type?


I'm an INTP by the way. :)


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  • also INTP

    though the "N" was almost 50/50 with the "S".


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  • INFJ... And just a word of advice, INTPs are generally men with RARE exceptions and the number one mistype of many INFJs is INTP, the other would be ENFJ. At least 95% of girls who self-type INTP are wrong, no exaggaration here. Among guys it's around 60-70%. And at least 20% of those are INFJs.
    If you're early into this, as times goes on you'll figure out whether you're correct either way, but I'm giving you a head start on confirming, and figuring out your type. :)

    • I've gone back to take it multiple times -both same and different tests- in the past 6 years or so. I know it's rare (where roughly 3% or so of the population is INTP, and the male/female ratio is 3:1 or 4:1) but I assure you this fits me more than any other type. (especially F... an F I am not) With one exception, I have always gotten INTP (the exception was ISTP, so if nothing else I lean more towards an IXTP type) my I and T were always much higher than my N and P, N always being the lowest.

      But I'll consider whether or not my first impression of INTP has been influencing my choices on any of my retakes. It's a possibility.

    • Also, assuming that what you said was correct, and what @KAZ-275 (a. k. a the unicorn) said was also true, then would that mean that INTP should be considered the rarest type? If not, at least more rare than INFJ (especially since I'm seeing a lot of INFJs on here)? If INFJs are being classified as INTPs on accident then it stands to reason that the number of INFJs is actually much higher than predicted, meaning they probably aren't actually as 'rare' as everyone thought.

      I saw a contradiction and it bugged me... (゜-゜) Also, where are you getting your statistics from?

    • By being around the typing community for years.
      First tests mean nothing, they really don't. Take them twice and already you're wasting your time. Only research helps.
      Second saying: "I am definitely not an F" reveals how little you understand MBTI and how letters and functions work.

      Third, INFJs are rare, only people type as what they admire a LOT more than what they actually are. So at least 70% of INFJs you meet will be INFPs.

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