Should I keep pursuing him? Is he just scared?

Met this guy through friends been talking online. he has been hitting on me saying things like I'll be his girlfriend one day and love him soon. I was a bit standoffish as it was weird to me. Well my friend moved to fl so I went to help move in. It was his house. Got there and he was nothing but amazing and treated me like his girlfriend etc. leaving we both weren't sure what this was we had but he didn't want anything yet as he been cheated on and hurt in the past bad. Understandable I guess until he can trust. Anyway home I texted him first I guess the ball is in my court since I'm home now. He called me one of the days and thanked me for a present I got and told me I was amazing. We texted and he said text if j want I guess meaning he wants me to but it's up to me. Should I keep
pursuing him
and texting Him or give up? Will he ever want to fully have a relationship with me? Seems like he's getting more comfortable through texts as well, he's gotten sexul lolbut that's just me. What should I do? I really like him
and would love to be on relationship with him


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  • Just leave him alone and you'll see what happens

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