How all this music makes us... ?

It's really SAD that most of this "new" songs are about drugs etc. For example famous song I'm in love with the coco they're promoting actually cocaine and I'm sure many teenagers try cocaine just because of that.

Where are old but gold song when they actually know how to make music, how to sing and not dancing like stupid monkeys and doing shity videos.

offtopic: People were way more relaxed and knew how to dance back in time they weren't sticking to their cellphones constantly - sad we're like robots now.

What do you think?


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  • I think that is not true. At least you can't just generalize things like that. I love old school music from the 1960s (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan etc. etc.) and these bands' repertoires are FULL of drug songs. On the other hand, I listen to contemporary music that has nothing to do with drugs. Here just one example: one of my favorite contemporary bands is Beirut. They never sing anything about drugs.

  • Depends on who/what you're listening to. I've got lots of music that isn't about drugs, sex, money, etc. but of course, I've got trap music for the turn up though. It just depends on the person and preference.

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