Is there anything unattractive about my business ambitions?

I'm getting in to building houses from scratch and selling them... then I will use that cash to put a down payment on a hotel, then use the income from that hotel to buy another hotel... then repeat that 1000s of times until I have 1000s of hotels all over the world, similar to Hilton.

On the side, I want to start an exotic rental car business, renting Lamborghini's, etc in tourist towns.

Also, way down the road, (50 years from now), I want to take out humongous loans to build nuclear power plants. Also, I want to invest in farms and maybe even metal mining. What do you think?


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  • Do what you want. It's your life


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  • I would say some may think you have no time for them, or a relationship with such ambitions.

    Maybe it is myself, but I think many would also not put some much importance on the career and money aspect... even your profile pic kind of makes it look like you are some class jerk who cares about nothing other than money and work..

    but Ia m a guy obviously.


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  • These are all products and services that people need