What's a good video editor I can download for free?

for windows does any one know i just want to cut my videos and paste them together or something? i dunno.
I would do it on youtube but youtube takes all day to upload then edit then reupload or what ever its so annoying.
so any ideas on which to use?


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  • Depends what you are trying to do

    Adobe premiere is ok
    But even windows movie maker is good enough for stitching clips together


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  • For what you are doing your best bet is probably Windows Movie Maker.

    I use a higher level program that cost a fair amount of money, so I do not have experience with the free ones. But I looked on www.techradar.com/.../best-free-video-editing-software-9-top-programs-you-should-download-1136264 and their top pick is the Windows Movie Maker. That comes free as a part of Windows Essentials, which is a free download from Microsoft at windows.microsoft.com/.../download-windows-essentials

    That should do everything you are looking for.

    • yeah i think it will to i just opened it. but i wonder if i can flip my videos because their all upside down somehow i dont know how that happens...

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    • no yeah i know thatswhat im in the process of doing because it might be funny but its not that funny and its repeated stuff so yeah ill be taking out a lot of it so i can make it close to around 5 minutes at most maybe a little longer.

    • Much better :-)

  • I always use Movie Maker just like others have mentioned. Once you learn it, it's really powerful.

    • yeah its pretty usefull i just figured it out well finished my video with it so not bad.

  • Adobe premiere pro CC...

    tor**** link


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