My dad's friend saw me talking to a boy, I'm so scared please can you help me?

I'm 22 years old, for the first time I was out till 7pm.
I saw this guy from uni and we talked for a bit.. Then I saw my Dads friend 😓
do you think he will tell my dad? I feel so embarrassed.. I was out with the girls but they went home and I was going to go home. My dad could think I went out with the boy 😞
both my dad and dad's friend is muslim, and religious. So I'm so scared 😞
what could I do?


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  • It is obvious to me that those answering rather causally do not realize how seriously some Islamist take issue of the sexes not being together. You may have a problem to deal with. the best you can do is go with the truth and let your dad know you were on your way home when the guy that you knew stopped you for a few moments to talk, then you were going to continue home. Hopefully he will believe you. It is shameful that in the US people of other religions still treat adults like property to be controlled. But there is little one can do about it unless you are willing to leave family and friends (something that is not impossible or too far out). Best of luck to you.


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  • You're a grown woman.
    Not a 14 year old girl.
    I'm sure he'll see a young lady talking to a young man , and think nothing of it.
    He probably won't mention any of this.
    Don't overthink!
    It leads to stress you don't need.
    Don't worry , it all will be fine!

    • That's not how Muslims operate. If her family thinks she is seeing men behind their backs, especially her father's, there will be big trouble for her.

    • I missed that part.

      Either way there's no going back.
      She just has to explain to her dad what happened.

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  • If you're asked, just be honest and say the same things you told us. I'm sure you don't have a reputation for this sort of thing, and your father will understand. If he chooses not to believe his own daughter who has never had a reputation to lie about this sort of thing, then that mistake is on him and the person who falsely reported you, not on you.

    I pray every goes well for you.

  • Best way is to confront him yourself before his friend tells your father lies about what he saw. Tell him you were out with your girl friends and saw a guy that you knew so you talked to him before you went home, you only saw him for a few minutes and all you did was talk.

    You should tell him first so that he knows what really happened and not what his friend will just tell him, because then he could think you are lying.

  • Don't worry about it, if he tells your dad then just explain what happened. He's not going to cut your head off


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  • If your dad ask you for an explication, you should do it. But if he Don't ask you anything, don't worry.
    You should know that if your father or his friend judges you that doesn't matter. You know what happened, and the most important is that Allah knows what happened so you're good. Don't worry.

  • You're 22... I was just about to ask "Is your dad Muslim or something?" but you just said that they both are. Ouch... Listen, you are 22! You are grown, and around that age where you are going to start looking for a husband.

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