I'm going to start in a new school - I'm very scared.. help?

So in my country we have a very different school system.
We start in ''folkschool'' which is grades from kindergarden to 9 - and then you can either choose a gymnasium, or an education which educates you in... farming, electrician, etc.
which is 9-12 grade.

Anyways.. I'm very scared. My stomach turns and twists. I don't know anyone, the two older classes scares me already. I know it sounds stupid.
I'm so scared I won't get any friends, that I'll get lost, or do something... stupid.
I'm honestly even afraid of going inside the school building. My hearts starts to pound and I start to feel sick.
What do I do?


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  • Im from the UK and I'll be starting university in mid September. Im nervous as always when starting somewhere new just like u are now The trick is to talk to people who sit near u straight away. When your sitting already and someone sits a seat away get talking because at uni people are desperate for freinds like anywhere else and nobody wants to look like a loner. Also the longer u wait to talk to the person next to u the more awkward it will be. Everyone is nervous. And a trick I do is to tag onto the first person u have a full convo with because the chances are they'd appreciate it too. And by the way when ur in a Convo dont stay a acquaintance ask to hang out. I went to a sixth form where everybody knew eachother and I was a stranger. Everyone had cliques and I had to try and it worked out well. Your still fairly young therefore everyone your age is nervous and desperate for freinds. Always remember your not the only one shitting yourself and another thing to remember there's freinds for everyone trust me. I remember in secondary school the weirdest and the people who got bullied still had freinds so it's almost impossible for u not to find any.


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  • You can listen to music when you get in the building, that *can* relaxe you.
    If someone starts to talk to you in the classroom, be friendly and everything will be fine. ^-^
    I had this problem too in 5th grade, even though now I hate those people I had to call classmates, it went well in that time. ☺

  • In my experience Danish people are very friendly and I'm sure you'll make friends easily. Just talk to people and remember that all of you are new and probably feel the same way. As for getting lost what I would do as a perfectionist is get a floorplan of the school and figure out where you have to be and how to get there. In general just go with the flow.