How to forgive yourself for not being good to yourself? Please help?

I'm trying to "re-create" myself as a dominant, self reliant, low-key, confident person but there's one thing getting in my way. I'm so disgusted and disapointed that I've been used and let myself be used by men. Now I don't blame any of them, since they only brought up sex and I agreed (fully knowing neither of us meant anything to the other) I blame myself for letting my own childhood issues bubble up and influence me.

How do I get past this and stop viewing myself as someone who "caved into casual sex" and someone who didn't really respect herself?

*i fully respect myself now and understand my issues (though i do plan on therapy) and refuse to have sex again until i'm BOTH in love and in a commited relationship, but I'm still ashamed of my past


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  • in all honesty young Lady all you can do is acknowledge that it happened and it happened to two willing parties , and reassure your self that it is in the past and you don't live there anymore and move forward one step at a time


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