Is WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) worth donating to?

I have 50$ to donate. I have no other option than WWF (long story, don't ask hehe) It's just that I've heard bad rumors, like the CEO's salary is super high, they work with huge industrial companies (like coca-cola and IKEA), some of the leaders condone trophy hunting. Stuff like that. I've looked around on the internet, but can't really find anything. Can you provide me with some legit sources and information on these rumors? or personal experiences with the organization.
Thanks in advance. :)

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  • The trophy hunting thing is actually rather interesting. Trophy hunters pay massive fees to do it. That money and the meat go to local people, and to preservation efforts. And by some of that profit going to the local people, it gets the local people on the side of the preservation, because those lions are suddenly a national resource which brings in money, not just a dangerous animal which occasionally kills a child or livestock... of course it all falls down if the well paid local guids dont do their job right (see social media outrage).

    I couldnt tell you either way. But I will tell you that there isn't an international charity on the planet which isn't self serving for at least some of the people at the top. And even if a lot of the money is misused, if the option is them or nothing, surely at leas with them SOME of the money will get to the destinations? It's not like we are talking about PETA or something. (didnt vote)


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  • I'd be very surprised if the top employees aren't paid huge sums of money (same with any organisation of their size), and if they don't have relationships with various large corporations (it's a good source of funding, and doesn't conflict with their goals).
    Having said that, I'd sooner donate to a smaller, local charity, where the money will make a tangible difference.

  • Must admit I have heard nothing so I can neither confirm or deny anything but as sketchy the salaries of charities' top officials has become an issue over last few years.