Who agrees? should we be able to block anon users for harassment?

this guy has repeatedly called me fat ugly and a slut...
i should be able to block and report him. despite the fact that he's hiding behing the stupid blue anon photo.


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  • Yes, i been working on to get things solved on here
    there is more than harassment going on but you report
    them and Administrators do absolutely nothing now
    the owner is making updates for this site and needs
    money to run it but yet he can't do nothing about people
    being harassed on the questions i think we need to be
    able to moderate our questions and be able to report
    and hide peoples abuse on questions / Opinions ,


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  • You should be able to block him. Users can block anonymous posts, but it only blocks them for that post only. If you hover over where it says 'Anonymous' you should see a pop-up asking if you would like to block the user. And of course, you can always report anonymous posts as well. You should see a grey flag in the top right corner of the users' opinion or comment. Just click that flag, select a report reason, then click the orange report button.


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  • Tell a moderator about this and show the multiple links where he has agreed to do this. There are many moderators on this site - flag one down when you see the girls ask guy symbol next to their answers on other people's questions.

  • I think you can at least report him

  • I know it sucks but all you can do is just report him. Eventually their account will be deleted because I'm pretty sure they have done it to others

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