Is the name Seamie boy or girl?

Please be sure, if it is unixes please say so.

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  • I think it is a guy's name. Seamie O'Dowd is an Irish musician and that is a guy. Plus, if you type in on Google "Seamie" the only pictures that pop up are pictures of guys. It's an Irish sounding male name.

    • I tried that approach and it does indeed look like that, but some people are saying it is a girl's name.

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  • I don't think it's for a child at all. It sounds like a cat or dog's name.

    • I don't think people names Seamie are going to appreciate your comment very much.

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    • Nope. Rude is rude.

    • Well lets assume that I was rude to you, that means i was rude to one person, you on the other hand affected all those going by the name of Seamie. So, why don't you be more considerate of others if you are so sensitive to having your attention drawn because of your wrong!

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