Any Dutch speaking people here... can you teach me more?

I'm going to the Netherlands tomorrow on holiday by myself.

I speak very basic Dutch... I know a lot of words and a few phrases I can use.

Teach me :)


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  • Hoi! I am Dutch and I'd love to help you:) What do you want to learn?

    • By the way, just a tip in general: Tell them you want to learn Dutch and you want to speak Dutch yourself. Almost everyone in the Netherlands knows English so many will just switch to English. In that way you won't learn the pronounciation.

    • Lol I went up to a woman to ask for a ticket

      I said "Ik wil graag een ticket voor Amsterdam" and she instantly spoke English lol... I think I did the right pronounciation!

    • Well it's great you try:) But your question, can I help you with something?

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  • i summon mr. @vekin

  • Sure thing. If you need to know anything just ask.

    • I need help with prononciation

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    • Well I can pronounce the Alphabet in Dutch, but obviously some words I cannot pronounce because they don't exist in the English language...

      Like "oe" "uu" and stuff :P

    • Ah well the "oe" is similar to the sound in "you". Don't know how to explain the "uu" though lol.

  • Youcan ask me anything and you can watch some videos on youtube about learing dutch