To my greek friends, can you help me?

First of all hi everyone. (Sorry, my eng may come weird to you because it isn't well) Are there any users who are from Greece or can understand Greek songs that can help me to find the song from this video (38:26) . I have tried to find many times but couldn't find anything :( I guess it is very old song from Greece and woman singer sings it amazing. When I listen my flesh creeps :) <3 I hope you can help me my beautiful friends. Thanks in advance <3

Please don't be rude :( I asked it kindly :(


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  • i used to love this serie! the turkish greel combination was very weird haha

    • I already heard many Greek singers in Turkish and Turkish singers in Greek

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    • evet oyle. sende shazam varmi? o bir uygulama telefon icin, o sarkiyi ac shazami ayni anda ac ondan sonra shazamda yazar hangi sarkicinin oldugunu

    • Shazam uygulamasını duymuştum;birkaç arkadaş kullanmış ama bulamamışlar şarkıyı. Ben yine denerim, teşekkürler.

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  • I'm not Greek but...
    I guess it's a rembetiko (rebetika) , possibly even of old Lebanese, Syrian or Egyptian origin. There was a lot of musical interaction between Athens and the Levant.
    Several old recordings can be found on youtube. You'll have to search a lot.

  • First; this isn't Greek...
    Second; i guess you try to manupulate the subject by using the 'Greek' because ur name is Turkish...
    Third; the most WEIRD part you are a Turk and you are trying to find songs of a Turkish series by announcing it's an Greek one...
    Are you okay? I am series...

    • Turks and Greek have more in common than their military and governments want to aknowledge.

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    • Greece too ruled many nations, from Palestine to Egypt (Cleopatra was Greek: Cleopatra VII Philopator ( Κλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ ), even Carthago has been Greek at moments. Rome and Marseilles were Greek colonies once.
      Greeks and Turks shared the Mediterranean for centuries. Often fighting, occupying , abandoning territories.
      The present frontiers and states are not even 100yrs old.

    • @lonelywarrior40
      The point is, Greece and Turkey share a lot, music included.

  • how you know it is Greek. this song may be in Turkish...


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