Advice about shooting a scene for a film?

Doing my first proper ameteur film soon, and I need a bit of advice about how to shoot a scene - girls and guys welcome to answer. There's this one scene where the male and female lead are in her bedroom, and the female lead's in a dressing gown, brushing her hair in front of the mirror. Forgetting he's in the room, she takes of the dressing gownm just as he walks over to show her something on his phone. She's nude at this point. He looks away, she realises she's naked, they sort of stand there awkwardly for ten seconds or so then she grabs the dressing gown and puts it back on. We were gunna just show her from the shoulders up for the time she's naked, but the actress reckons it won't be obvious she's naked, and it will just look weird, so we need a shot to make it obvious she's naked. How do we do this without being too explicit?
N. B: The actress is fine being naked on set as long as it's a closed set, which it will be - she just doesn't want her vulva on camera.


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  • "Forgetting he's in the room" dude... that's... pretty cheap and unrealistic. Better just have her undress somewhere else (like the bathroom) and then walk in the room and not realizing he's there for a moment until she notices.

    • That could work better, I s'pose

    • It will. I mean, if I was watching something and the woman "forgot" that there was a guy in the room and undressed, it would be a "oh come on, seriously?" moment. I mean that's just a cheap excuse to get her naked.

    • I see what you mean, yeah...

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