What does it mean if you don't get a job after an interview but get told of an unadvertised vacancy with a higher wage?

Is it basically just a nice way of saying I didn't get the job and what they say to everyone of they say they want you to apply for that unadvertised vacancy?

  • It's what they say to everyone, they're just being nice
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  • No they don't say that to everyone
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  • theyre just being nice.

    • They didn't exactly say I was unsuccessful. They said they wanted me to withdraw my original application and apply for the new one instead.

    • And they called me to tell me this.

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  • Maybe they think you're overqualified for the job you applied for.

    • Is that even possible?

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    • Maybe you just want to do it in between jobs?

    • True, but a lot of places don't want to bother training someone if they will leave in a couple months.

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  • They think you're a good candidate and they kept your details on file. If they're in business they don't have tome to play games with you. Anyway what's the worst that can happen?

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