Want help from you guys pls?

Hey everyone.. M from Germany. So I got sometimes hard time speaking English.. I knw its a common language n everyone needs to master it.. I can write/chat in English easily but ya I find it difficult to talk in English fluently sometimes.. please help m overcome it.. Great advises must be appriciated :)

Actually guys I don't have anyone to practice n want someone to help me :(
Practice with*


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  • get a new friends in Facebook or something and spoke to him
    Dialogue of the best ways to learn

    • get a new friends from different regions : USA , Canada... *

  • i find it hard to learn another language so your doing great! 😊
    Maybe watch some English movies?

    • Yes bro I do watch it.. But still I smtimes get problems. some words I find in movies are too tough.. NVR hearded words. :(

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    • Thanks :) .. I feel ashamed before everyone if I say smthng with wrong grammar :/

    • Im sure nobody will mind, there's no need to feel ashamed. Your bound to slip up sometimes.
      You can't just learn a language without making mistakes.

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