PayPal claim cause buyer claims her item is silty a use it takes 'ages' to load? What type of bs is that?

I sold an item over Depop. It was a Wii console and everything was included. But this lady who bought it off me claims my Wii is faulty and has opened a dispute over me. She says it's because it asked her for a software update and it took 'ages' to load. Plus she claims the discs get jammed. However I have never had this problem and she also stat d she was "able to play games" so I don't understand how the disc get jammed? Also she said the Wii is faulty because she needs to put the disc in at a specific angel? Wtf? There's only one angle to put in a fecking Wii game... What do I do. She's annoying me and now my money is on hold and I'm annoyed. Also she knows is 2 years old but it works fine.

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  • did you think ahead and write down the serial number on it? it could be a case of she already had one that doesn't work correctly and she intends to send you back her crap in hopes that you won't notice , when selling on line it is REALLY both buyer and seller be ware..

    • Sadly I didn't because I thought she was nice and genuine and she was a mum buying it for her son. But she seems dodgy as I offered her 4 refunds on different occasions because I couldn't post because I was busy and she was insisting everytime that I just post it. She could've took the refund then and all would be good but now I'm not refunding her unless PayPal says so.

    • snap shot where you offered to refund and forward it to PayPal , that will I've them proof that you were on the up and up in your deal , and put the fire in her lap. the reason I mentioned her slipping you junk is it happened to a friend of mine and he also didn't have serial number therefore he could not prove she screwed him ; he lost out all the way around

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  • It sounds like the Buyer is in the wrong, i tell you these people who are
    nuts in the head they find all kind of things wrong when they buy things

    • I don't understand what her problem is though? She bought the Wii for £18 inc postage and it was £8 for postage. Plus she got a free game yet she can't be bothered waiting for the update to happen? I honestly hate some humans

  • Buyer is in the wrong

  • You know she's in the wrong, but paypal doesn't know that. They will hear both sides of the story, and whichever is most convincing wins.

    Bring facts. Yes there's only one f-ing angle to put a game in, so look up the specs of the wii and include a reference to the article where it states how disc insertion works. Yes, you have to be that lame. It's sad, but that's how it works.

    • Plus his lady paid £18 inc postage for the console and everything. She makes me laugh honestly

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