Do you have an Arab joke?

I want you to comment your best Arab joke.
I'm not racist, but I've never heard one cus' my dad gets angry (He's Lebanese).
Also I need them to bother my cousin that tell me really bad Mexican jokes.
Does anyone have one?
Please, comment below!


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  • There was a man wanted to lose weight, he found an advertisement says if u want to lose weight call us to get the adress. so he called them and knew the adress, he went to that flat and found three doors, he read instructions and found that this room will make him lose 10 kg, second door will make him lose 20, third door will make him lose 60 kg!. he decided to lose 60 kg , so he entered the room and found a black man whose dick was 40 cm, yhe black told him if i catch u , i will fuck u.
    So this is how he lost weight


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