Do you think the true religious experience is natural or unnatural?

Sometimes when I am meditating, I feel so much peace inside - I am worried I am going to faint or lose consciousness. This overwhelming sensation of peace - the same sensation you would feel if somebody overdosed you on morphine. That is what I feel when I am meditating.


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  • Well, See when I was too young, i was always thinking that religions are a physiological invention, where people can put their own rules to prevent other people from doing certain habits, and the reason behind seeing many religions is many rules for different culture, if I tell you (hey, there is a religion X, you can have a b c, but you should avoid doing W X Y), also it's a tool for moods too, for example.

    A- I feel so suffocated
    B~ Go pray to god
    A- Ok
    B~ How do you feel?
    A- Better...

  • It's natural

  • Well, by religious, do you mean contact with God, or with the enemy of your soul? Satan was once the most beautiful angel, an angel of light. He is a deceiver. Be careful of meditating on anything but Gods Word, you can leave yourself open for impressionable attacks like what you are experiencing.


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