How do you feel about hyenas {I updated more details for my post}?

I'm in college for a wildlife conservation career to help threatened animal species, and I want to work with ones that don't get as much conservation awareness and are vital to their ecosystems. It's one thing if people aren't familiar with hyenas beyond "The Lion King", but one of my largest pet peeves is when people act like a Disney movie is a perfectly logical reason to hate them; it also annoys me when I talk to people about how they're not bad like they're made out to be, but they dismiss me when I'M the one who actually did the research.

For one thing, when people scorn spotted hyenas for killing lion cubs, lions also kill hyena cubs; and it goes beyond just those two, since cheetahs, hyenas, leopards and lions all kill each other's cubs whenever they can. They also get bad rep whenever a cub kills another cub, but they fight shortly after birth not to kill, but for dominance; eaglets do the same thing, and you know what a lion does when it takes over a pride? He kills all the cubs, and banishes its male offspring when they reach maturity.

Spotted hyenas are stereotyped as scavengers, but they have a higher hunting success rate than lions because their hunting tactic is better: for example, with a herd of wildebeest, lionesses will circle the wildebeest nearest to them and run toward it; with spotted hyenas, some of them will walk into the herd in a small number and they'll chase after one of the wildebeest into the hyenas that are waiting outside the herd. Spotted hyenas aren't even the only type of hyena: aardwolves eat insects, and while brown & striped hyenas *are* scavengers, know that Ben Franklin joked that the turkey may as well be the U. S. national bird instead of the bald eagle, since (for one thing) they'll steal fish from hawks whenever they can - does hunting make stealing excusable? It's unreasonable to judge animals by human standards to begin with, but don't diss brown and striped hyenas if your n

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Spotted hyenas also get a lot of animosity because they eat prey alive, but they don't have the capability to kill at the throat like big cats do, which is why wolves and African wild dogs also eat prey alive; lions, however, don't always eat prey alive, and they don't have to eat fast like spotted hyenas do since they're the bigger predators. That being said, though, the prey goes into shock shortly after being brought down.
Also, hyenas kill less Africans yearly than hippos, elephants, lions, cape buffalo, rhinos, Nile crocodiles and even great white sharks. Hyenas can withstand diseases like anthrax that other animals can't, so having them to study can help bolster human health.


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  • Totally cool even if they are lower on the food chain they have one of the strongest bites... though not usually backed up by their bark

    • Spotted hyenas are only third to lions and Nile crocodiles as the largest carnivores of their environment.

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  • I don't know the conservation status of them but most African cats are listed as vulnerable with the Cheetah being the most vulnerable and least adaptable. I appreciate your passion. I'm the same about snakes. I think poachers should be shot on site and left for the animals

    • Brown and striped hyenas are near threatened with decreasing populations. Spotted hyenas, though under the least concern category, are slightly decreasing.

    • And I adore snakes just as much.

  • It's funny how we want to be fair and unbiased when we assign different rights to animals of different species, its almost speciesm ( well, that was the most suitable word i could get) .
    A chicken has no right to live, we can kill it, skin it, boil it, eat it.. but do the same to a hyena, oh boy you're in jail. Don't you think it'll be more humane to treat each animal equal when we tend to show off our bigotry on treating each human equal?

    • I'm vegan, but at least kill the chicken HUMANELY for food if you're going to eat meat. What reason would you or I kill a hyena other than for sport? I'm not a stereotypical vegan (as in one who jumps down people's throats for not having the diet I do), but don't kill an animal for nothing, especially when it needs to be conserved.

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    • Who's stopping you? Lol.

    • The fucking government.

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