Facebook chat statuses question?

I don't use FB much, but log in from time to time. I never used the chat and that is turned off at all times. I know that if you had the chat "turned on", then you could see the status of others and when they were last on the chat.
I logged in on FB some days ago. Didn't turn on my chat, BUT I could see things like 5m, 3m, next to people's names. Why can I see those if I didn't turn my chat on? And does it show next to my name on their chat (cause it shouldn't since I didn't enter the chat)?


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  • It's probably a recent update on Facebook's part, so you can still see people's activity when you're offline. If you can see it, then they could probably see it too. However, people don't pay much attention to it because some people briefly look on Facebook and then come off it, yet it still comes up that they were on Facebook a few minutes ago and are available to chat, when they're not.


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