My grandfather might have cancer?

my grandma just said my grandad MAY, not certain, but may be at risk from bowel cancer from family backgrounds. Can things get any worse? He was feeling ill so he did go to the doctors, they said it could be a couple of different things but they asked if he had family members with bowel cancer, one of his parents died from it. They say it's possible if a family member has had it. I hope to god i've not inherited anything.. but my main concern is my grandad right now. Help?


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  • I am so sorry to hear your grandpa is not feeling well. But do NOT get ahead of your self. You have to wait to see what the doctor says.

    • I'm just fed up of shit news right now. I know it's not certain but i'm scared it may be passed down to me, or even any other like my mum. What a shitty day smh.

    • I know hun but you have to take it day by day.