Could this be a ghost?

Inspired by another ghost-themed question I've decided to put my own on here.
So, I live in a really old house - it's been renovated a few times but still the base is at least a solit 100-200 years old, don't know if this will matter tho..
But sometimes strange things happen here.
Here are some examples.
My dog as a puppy used to bark and growl at a wall and when my mom looked up the old papers of the base of our house it turned out that at that place, there used to be a door. Even now my dog sometimes randomly looks around the room and fixes certain points like she's looking at a person.
When I turn off the TV at night and turn away from it to go upstairs it sometimes turns back on. This happened like 2 or 3 times now. Similar thing with my macbook, when I leave it open in my room and go downstairs for like half an hour to an hour and then come back it still looks like I just left it which is weird because if you don't touch it the screen saver will turn on after about 5 minutes.
Sometimes when I'm alone I feel so watched or like someone is with me in the room. Like I can kinda feel another presence but there is noone else with me...
I swear to god I am neither crazy nor have I made this up! I'm actually a person who prefers science over the occult but I couldn't seem to find any scientific explanation for these things happening..
So is there any reasonable explanation for all this or? oO


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  • Woah spooky! :O Well actually, the possible ghost interactions with your dog are spooky lol; I am no dog-behavior expert, so I can't explain that one. xD

    However, the other situations you described have logical explanations:

    1) My own TV remote's controls are sometimes finicky, so the TV occasionally processes one push of a button as two pushes. As a result, it occasionally turns off -- and then back on a few moments later. xD

    2) For a computer, some background-running programs make it so that the computer is considered "active" rather than "idle". This can keep the screen from going to the screensaver, and/or can even cause a currently-running screensaver to exit to the desktop.

    3) The sense that an invisible presence is nearby may be your mind playing tricks on you. Especially when you're already considering the possibility of ghosts in the area, your mind is essentially "filling in the blanks" and making it seem true to your senses. It's like when one has to deal with a huge spider in one's room, and then feels a bit paranoid about spiders still being there afterward. xD

    But there have been things I can't explain. Like your dog, lol. Or a very interesting experience that happened to my aunt and uncle on their honeymoon in Hawaii. There are roads that wrap around the islands, going through not only towns but also mountainous and lonesome areas along the coast. My aunt and uncle rented a car and somehow stayed out too late, so they ended up having to try to find their way back to town in the middle of the night. There are NO street lights in the remote areas, so it was very dark.

    But along one such black and lonely stretch of road, they BOTH saw a strange girl sitting by the side of the road, alone. She was dressed in traditional/old-fashioned Hawaiian dress, except that it was all a ghostly white! And even though it was pitch black around her, they could see her clearly as if she was glowing in the dark or something. :O She looked like she was sad about something, and was simply sitting there with her chin resting on her hand, looking out to sea.

    So yeah, dunno how to explain that. xD They could clearly see her as they drove past, even though it was very dark. And what are the chances of a girl being in such a remote area, in the middle of the night? And alone? And they BOTH saw her, so it couldn't just have been the tired hallucination of one person's imagination. But who knows, right? :P


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  • Sometimes. I'm not lying I swear, something turns on the t. V, plays music. And I see a black shadow sometimes (and sometimes Black) and I saw a sychthe in my mirror once.. In the reflection of a mirror.. And my door locks by itself.. I hear something throwing stuff around.. This sounds like a cheap horror movie plot.. But I swear it's real..
    Tell me am I crazy?

    • Sometimes a black shadow and sometimes white.

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    • Wow that's really spooky.. my mom told me once she was seeing the silhouettes of people from the corners of her eyes but when she turned and looked again they were always gone.. it's kinda weird and it might just be all a head thing but what you describe sounds like more of just the progenies of your imagination to me

    • I sincerely hope it's only my imagination..

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  • Well, ghosts are the emotions of deceased people
    most often regrets or unfulfilled promises/dreams.

    There's nothing left of their humanity
    but concentrated emotions, fixed on finishing
    their regret/last wish.

    It's not something I'd like to
    share room with.

    However, if it's not a ghost, but instead
    a spirit manifested entity, it could be watching
    over the house instead, these are not of ill will.

  • There are perfectly reasonable explanations for all of those things but I think your house is DEFINITELY haunted!!

    You should get those ghost hunter people to come and do a show.

    • lol what are the reasonable explanations then?
      And I'm not getting anyone.. as long as the ghost is friendly why should I get rid of it?

  • Reasonable explanation? Well nope I know u r an atheist and don't believe in this thing but try to put salt on the door of your room and see if anything changed?

  • This happened to me. I go take a whizz and I just happened to look down, I see this like really hideous man holding what looks like a 2 inch maggot in his hand from the reflection of the water. I shat major brix. never forgot that night, still haunts me.

  • On the face of it, this sounds like a paranormal manifestation of some kind, although I don't believe in that stuff. Definitely a case for Ghostbusters.

  • Ghosts and spirits have nothing to do with the evil/wicked occult. And... I do believe ghosts, because I used to have them in my old condo. I took a picture of niece standing by the window with my cell phone... and their was a transparent blonde haired boy in the photo with her.

    I have since moved out of that condo... but never again will I buy a used condo, a foreclosed home or a house that someone previously owned. It is better to be the first and original owner of any house, apartment, condo... whatever, in my opinion... and you can also get your place blessed as well.

    • Well, we inherited this house in our family, it's an old manor to be exact and it has been build by my family ancestors I think.

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  • I honestly believe spirits do exist and that we all ( including animals) get the freedom to choose to stay on earth after we passed away for multiple reasons one of them being the love we feel for certain people that makes us want to stay