I'm in shock. Where the hell is my self-esteem?

I have seen many girls, attractive in some way others that need a little bit of help but with this AMAZING self-esteem.

They are like "I am super hot so I don't know how that guy avoided me..", "I know I am beautiful..", "Guys kill to date me".

So I am here, in my office. Latina, with curves, brunette hair, tanned skin, sometimes too white :(, tall, good taste, focus, too serious (I need to change that), goal oriented, freaking smart and still..

I don't know where is my confidence. It's gone, disappeared.

How many guys have I dated? One, years ago.

What's wrong.


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  • I know exactly what you mean, everyone is like "oh, look at me, im so pretty", and im like, i dont like this about myself, and i dont like that... I kinda drag myself down though :/ but yeah, now and then people online say im beautiful or that i look good, but im like, nah im not. I appreaciate that they say it, but its just hard to believe for me i guess. Just try to convince yourself that you're beautiful and amazing the way you are and start to actually believe it :D
    Just compliment yourself a bit (i know it sounds weird but oh well, it might help)
    Just accept the fact that you're beautiful just the way you are :D
    I used to think i'm really ugly, but now im more like, i look alright. (yeah still not very positive, but better than before)
    We are all beautiful the way we are, and just because some girls really like to point that out, doesn't mean we're less than them :D


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  • Check down the back of the sofa, that's where I found mine last time it went missing.


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