Do you believe someone can change? The way they are from bad to good?

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  • I voted no but its a little more complicated than that. People have to want to change for themselves not anyone or anything else. Never get with someone and expect them to change either.

    Most people and I would say at least 90% will never chance because its one of the hardest things a person can do and most simply give up or start making excuses and fall back into the same patterns.

    Our emotions are designed to keep us where we are and in order to change you have to force yourself outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. You have to be able to look at and learn to accept yourself but at the same time be able to see areas of yourself that you want to improve.

    Through effort change its possible over a period of time, often after several years. But notable improvements can be noticed much sooner.

    • Thank you for your answer was just asking in general. Can someone change but you have a really good answer. Thank you for your time.

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  • If they make a honest effort I think they can

  • No, as people we can't possibly change.

    We can only discover new sides of ourselves.

  • yeah people can change.

  • Yes, but it has to come from them. You can't change them; they must realize that they need a change themselves.

  • Yes, people can change, but they do that on their own... you won't be the one who changes them.

    • LOL!! I didn't say I wanted to change someone. I just asked this question in general. Don't assume

    • Pretty common motivation of a woman. Just thought I'd throw it out there

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