Cat lover, I have a question?

Hello fellow cat lovers! So i just adopted a cat, she used to live in the streets and often comes to my house (not the one i live in) and play with the securities and maids there. She comes and goes whenever she pleases, and also they dont feed her. So yesterday i came there and saw her, she's really pretty, playful and she follows me around too! I decided that im going to bring her home. I picked her up there earlier today and when she got here she wasn't as playful as she was, she wondered around the house and sleep most of the times (i think this is cause i fed her before we headed home).

anyway do you guys have any tips on taking care of her? Like how many times I should feed her? Should i give her tap or filtered water? Should i buy her a bed? Etc.

here's some pictures of her
Cat lover, i have a question?
She doesn't want to open her eyes here lol

and this is her from the back


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  • At the first place, was she outside or inside?
    Could be she prefer the outside.

    As other people suggested, she could be
    adjusting to her new home.

    Remember, cats aren't pack animals
    and they can be very temperamental so
    that could be it, if she was "free" before.

    Dogs: She provides me food, love and shelter, she must be god.
    Cats: She provides me food, love and shelter, I must be god.

    • She was inside the house. At first thats what I thought she probably doesn't like it inside but you should've seen the look on her face she looks so relaxed and happy but just not playful. Its like that look when you first got into a really nice five stars hotel room lol.

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  • She's probably adjusting to her surroundings so she may be shy and aloof at first. Leave a bowl of dry food for her so she can eat when she wants and put water next to it.
    Put her litter box somewhere separate from her food but show her where it is so she knows to use it. A bed is a good idea too but maybe put it near her food and keep both in a quiet place where she can go to feel safe (same goes with the litter box).

    If there are other animals in the house it may be a good idea to confine her to one room for a few days so they can all get used to her being there. Try not to bombard her with too many guests or attention at first. Let her feel her way around/warm up to you.

    I always keep dry food out at all times for my cats, and usually once a day in the morning I will give them some wet food. Some don't naturally drink a lot of water and dehydration is very very deadly for cats! But eating dry food is also essential for them to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

    Because she lived on the streets get her to a vet as soon as possible especially if you have other animals in the house. She could have spreadable diseases or worms that need medical attention. It's also important to keep them up to date on all shots. A proper medical examination is also key because it can be hard to tell if a cat is in pain, especially if you haven't known it for very long and don't know it's normal behaviors.

    Otherwise good luck! She's very cute. Congratulations!!

    • Thanks for the tips! And yes im bringing her to the vet tmrrw I've made the appointment already haha.

      Is it okay if i mix wet and dry food? And should i buy her treats? I went to the petshop today and the girl who was working there told me to buy treats for the cat but I didn't buy any bc I think those are only for dogs.

      You should see her when she has her eyes open, she has this really big and pretty eyes❤️

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  • wow. she looks a lot like my cat :-D

    so cute!

    But, feed her once a day, pet her as often as she'll allow. Cat beds are great when they use them, but it's usually a toss-up as to whether or not they will - I went out and bought an expensive cat bed, and she did not use it ($20 down the drain), but then found a cheap $2 bed and she always sleeps in it. So I got two of them. She's gotta have options.

    Tap water is fine, but I've found cats prefer to drink running water - streams and such. They make cat water fountains that are also expensive.

    But if you are going to take her in, you should definitely take her to the vet first. She will be very distraught, but if she's a stray she likely has worms. You need to do something about that.

    • I dont really need to buy bed for her i meant I already have the frame just need to buy a new mattress and probably also install an air conditioning in her room (yes she has her own room with her own bathroom with view to the pool). Hmm i should definitely get that water fountain thing, hopefully she'll like it!

      I've made an appointment for tomorrow with the vet already. Anyway thanks for your tips! Its very helpful

  • as long as you keep food and a comfy place to nap around she will always come back, but put a collar on her with your name and phone number incase someone picks her up off the street.

    • We keep her inside the house now so she can't go outside. And im planning on buying her collar tmrrw hihi

  • let me say that is nice of you, as a cat lover i know 1 or 2 things about them, when ever you are free rub her head (above eyes) they really love it, also if you notice them rubbing their body into you, let them do, that is the way they show their affection to humans, feed them when ever she starts Me'owing.

    • Aww thanks! I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to rescue a stranded animal. Oh so thats why she's been rubbing her body against my leg. Anyways thanks for your tips!

    • My pleasure :)

  • if you wanna take care of that cat to avoid something tragic from happening. Read about urinary track blockage in cats, which is deadly and painful and common , watch carefully the cat litter box habits, and eating habits and in general.

  • Cats sleep like 20 hours a day. Just make sure you feed her at least once a day and give her somewhere to go to the bathroom

    • Oh and take her to vet, she could be sick if she was outside

    • I thought only persian cats sleep a lot. Guess i was wrong. Yes, I've made an appointment with best known vet in my city for tomorrow.

    • Yeah, you should be good then. It will take a few days for her to get acclamaited to where you live

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  • Awwww....she's beautiful! And cats are awesome. In my experience, they take a few days to adjust to their surroundings. And it's safest/ best for cats to be indoors only, although they will want to go outside.

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